Take advantage of the best technology on the market to survey, analyze and react to market changes, regardless of your booking system. RateChecker by GHIX can work independently of the other GHIX services.  Our rate shopping tool monitors your competitors rates i on a single, easy-to-understand screen.
This solution provides vital data to evaluate your day-to-day positioning compared with competitors.

Compare the rates offered by any hotel of your choice in real time over the coming days/weeks/months.
Compare rates that are comparable: rate details are analyzed before or after tax, with or without additional costs, etc.

Rate checker is

  • The proper tool for manager, sales manager and hotel owners
  • Perfect for comprehensive market analyses and successful revenue management
  • Your advance for dynamic pricing
  • The optimal tool for your ranking optimization
  • Information management system for the hotel industy

Your biggest benefits

  • Daily updated room rates from our database
  • No time-consuming data administration
  • Availability check in your destination
  • Integrated event calendar for a better valuation of conspicuous shifts of the market
  • HQ plus Online – Information available 24/7/365
  • Event Manager for lists of specific, regional / national exhibitions and events